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The Spa Villas

The luxury treatment at our spa is going to be something for you to remember, especially with the thoughtful design and setting of the spa villas at this resort. The spa villas of the Hanging Gardens of Bali are all open up to the jungle. While having your treatment, you will feel so blessed as you hear a soundscape of chattering birds and monkeys. You feel the natural beauty of Ubud, and have your body and mind recharged at the same time. The joy of relaxation at this Bali resort spa is truly beyond compare.

Each villa is provided with twin treatment beds, making it possible for couples to enjoy the treatment together in total privacy. For your traditional pre-treatment foot-wash, a huge divan is placed, a fine traditional piece that enhances the natural ambience. Then, separated by an antique wooden shutter, there is a bathroom with a rain shower. The bathroom embodies the concept of an open-air bath. This will give you another new experience of bathing under the sky, accompanied by natural breezes