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Body Care

After long days of excitement in Bali, taking a short retreat at our luxury resort spa is something that you definitely should do. We have a range of wonderful options for you to pamper your body through our signature body treatments. Our skillful therapists will take you on a journey of relaxation that will revitalize your body and soul. Right within the tranquil nature of Ubud, experience our blissful luxury treatments down by the Ayung river. Relax and unwind, let the fresh air and breezes carry you away from the hectic world.

Choose from various wonderful body treatments at our resort spa. Lulur is the one you should choose for smooth and soft skin feeling. For a deep hydration into your skin, experience our wonderful Cocoa Remedy luxury treatment. Then for deep cleansing and skin purification, enjoy our Ginger Healing treatment. All of our body treatments will end with a soothing warm bath to rejuvenate your body and soul.


Lulur is an ancient body treatment traditionally lavished on a bride before her wedding. It used to be the most favorite treatment of princesses as well. At our luxury resort spa, you can experience this wonderful body treatment, within a soothing and peaceful ambience of Ubud jungle.

Lulur has the benefit to create smooth, soft, and light skin, the best way to pamper your precious skin. Enjoy the wonder of the treatment rituals handed down from generations to generations.


Cocoa Remedy

Take a quick escape to our resort spa, and indulge yourself in a luxury body treatment of Cocoa Remedy. This treatment is perfect to pamper your skin after being exposed under the sun during your Bali holiday. Using organic cocoa, the treatment is perfect to elevate your mood. As for your precious skin, the cocoa will hydrate it, leaving it silky smooth and soft.

The double benefits of cocoa, enhanced with the serenity and total privacy at our resort spa will definitely rejuvenate your body and soul.


Ginger Healer

At our Bali resort spa, you can relax and unwind while experiencing our Ginger Healer body treatment. Gingers are renowned for their natural healing properties. Ginger Healer is a luxury treatment for body deep cleansing and skin purification.

This is definitely perfect for you to pamper your body during your Bali holiday. Surrounded by the natural tranquil environment of Ubud, our spa will deliver nothing but a wonderful retreat for you. VIEW DETAILS