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Body Bath

Relax and unwind as you experience luxury treatments of body bath at our Ubud resort spa. This bathing experience will definitely feel delighting as it takes place in a private room filled with soothing aromas in the air. After a long day exploring Bali, soaking your body in nice warm water that cleanses and relaxes you is undoubtedly irresistible. You can choose from an array of ingredients added to the water. This will make your luxury bathing experience more enjoyable.

Indulge yourself in a wonderful bathing experience, and choose from our collection of body bath treatments. For silky-silk skin result, you can choose our Vanilla Honey Milk. If flower fragrance is more of your cup of tea, try our Aromatic Blossom that use only fresh flowers. For a more therapeutic effect, our Herbal Harmony is perfect as it will calm your body and mind. The soothing surrounding of our resort spa will definitely boost the quality of your luxury body bath experience.

Vanila Honey Milk

Free your mind and embrace the luxury Vanilla Honey Milk body bath at our Ubud resort spa. This treatment is known to be popularized by Cleopatra, an indulging body bath that offers various benefits. Experience this healing, sedative, and nourishing spa treatment within the peaceful surrounding of our spa resort.

After a long busy day in Bali, Vanilla Honey Milk body bath is truly a delightful one to experience. VIEW DETAILS

Aromatic Blossoms

During your Bali holiday, taking a short escape to our resort spa would be a wonderful thing to do. Let go of your tiredness and have an indulging soak with our Aromatic Blossoms body bath. This luxury treatment is perfect for you to have a peaceful moment within the calming ambience of our resort spa.

Unwind and enjoy the air filled with soothing fragrances of the flowers. This will make you feel absolutely at ease. VIEW DETAILS

Herbal Harmony

Our luxury resort spa is a good place to give your body a special rejuvenating body bath treatment. Herbal Harmony is the one perfect if you want to revitalize your body and mind. A holiday in Bali could really make you feel you need to recharge your energy.

Herbal body bath is an option to boost the energy you need for the rest of your holiday. It also helps to relieve your muscle tension and improve blood circulation. VIEW DETAILS