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Vanilla Honey Milk

Free your mind and embrace the luxury Vanilla Honey Milk body bath at our Ubud resort spa. This treatment is known to be popularized by Cleopatra, an indulging body bath that offers various benefits. Experience this healing, sedative, and nourishing spa treatment within the peaceful surrounding of our spa resort. After a long busy day in Bali, Vanilla Honey Milk body bath is truly a delightful one to experience.

One of the most enjoyable thing of this body bath is its healing property that comes from the use of pure honey. You will feel the healing effect from the antioxidant and anti-inflammatory of the honey added into warm soothing water. The fresh milk used for this body bath will also make you feel relaxed because of its tranquilizing and moisturizing properties. Vanilla essential oil is also added into the honey and milk. This adds up the benefit of this luxury treatment, leaving your skin totally radiant and silky-soft.