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Ginger Healer

At our Bali resort spa, you can relax and unwind while experiencing our Ginger Healer body treatment. Gingers are renowned for their natural healing properties. Ginger Healer is a luxury treatment for body deep cleansing and skin purification. This is definitely perfect for you to pamper your body during your Bali holiday. Surrounded by the natural tranquil environment of Ubud, our spa will deliver nothing but a wonderful retreat for you.


The recipe for our Ginger Healer body treatment uses only our own estate-grown fresh gingers. Aromatic ginger flowers are mixed with rice, the combination that will result in even more fantastic feel. The mixture is then applied to your body, to warm and invigorate it. This wonderful treatment is followed by a warming herbal bath to calm your mind and wash away your body tension. Relax your body and mind, and let the water and herbs give you back the balance and fresh energy you need.