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Lulur is an ancient body treatment traditionally lavished on a bride before her wedding. It used to be the most favorite treatment of princesses as well. At our luxury resort spa, you can experience this wonderful body treatment, within a soothing and peaceful ambience of Ubud jungle. Lulur has the benefit to create smooth, soft, and light skin, the best way to pamper your precious skin. Enjoy the wonder of the treatment rituals handed down from generations to generations.

Our recipe uses only natural ingredients. It incorporates ginger, turmeric, jasmine, and sandalwood to create an aromatic and ever-youthful complexion. This indulging treatment of massage is followed by a long soak in a luxury warm bath. Relax and feel the warmth of the water wash away your tension. After some days of having outdoor fun on Bali island, Lulur is the best choice to have your mood boosted.