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Body Cocoon

In the middle of the tranquil jungle of Ubud, down by the river, pamper yourself with our luxury treatment of Body Cocoon. This treatment is a fantastic way of relaxing your muscles, and having softer and hydrated skin at the same time. Our therapists are experienced in mixing only natural ingredients designed to cleanse as well as promote the relaxation of your muscles. This luxury treatment is an irresistible one. You will feel so fresh after experiencing one, especially after having been exposed to the sun and the heat of Bali.

Being wrapped up in a cocoon-heated blanket, you will drift off and relax accompanied by the sound of the nature. Fresh cool air soothes your body and mind, and before long you will find yourself get carried away by the serenity at our resort spa. After the treatment, a warm bath will help you to feel how soft your skin becomes.

You can choose between Bali Boreh and Aloe Avocado as your body cocoon treatment. Both are truly indulging and energizing.