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Aloe Avocado

At our luxury resort spa you can have your body pampered with the treatment of Aloe Avocado. The tropical weather and the heat of Bali is definitely nice. Yet your skin may need to be treated with Aloe Avocado as it is particularly beneficial for sun-soaked skin. Have a quick escape to our cool and tranquil resort spa to experience our wonderful treatments. Get carried away by the soothing body treatment, and enjoy the fresh feeling after having one.

Aloe Avocado at our resort spa is a body cocoon treatment that involves generous application of freshly-pureed avocado and aloe vera gel. Avocados are known to be rich in vitamin B, E and K while aloe veras are blessed with soothing and anti-inflammatory properties. As you relax your body, the healing balms are gently massaged into your skin. After the balms are applied, your body will be wrapped in a cocoon body wrap. This will allow the skin to be soothed, softened, and completely hydrated.