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Aroma Essence

At our Ubud luxury resort spa, you can experience the rejuvenating Aroma Essence facial care. You may have found some wrinkles, and you want to fight them. This relaxing and revitalizing facial treatment is designed to combat the signs of skin ageing. The luxury care will help hold back the signs of ageing. While enjoying your Bali holiday, spend a short indulging me-time, and feel the result of firmer healthier skin after the treatment.

Relax and embrace the serenity at our resort spa while having Aroma Essence luxury treatment that restores vitality and firmness. At the same time, it also softens the appearance of expression lines. This incredible treatment shapes and plumps up cell volume as it uplifts the contour of the face. Experience a visibly toned and tightened skin from just one treatment at our resort spa.