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Hydra Regeneration

Take a short escape to our Ubud resort spa to experience the luxury facial treatment of Hydra Regeneration. This indulging treatment is most suitable for dry and dehydrated skin conditions. During your Bali holiday, your facial skin may experience some discomforts, and you want to moisturize it. Seek no further as our resort spa has this relieving facial care for you. Under gentle care of our skillful beauticians, feel how your skin is rehydrated and rebalanced.

The luxury treatment of Hydra Regeneration is a specially-designed balancing and hydrating facial treatment for you. It uses specially-formulated plant extracts and plant-based essential oils. The use of oils aim to relax, nourish, and regain the skin’s hydration and suppleness. Surrounded by the tranquil ambience of our resort spa, you treatment will certainly leave you feeling relaxed and refreshed.