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For hundreds of years, reflexology has been used for the benefit of healthy body and mind. The Reflexology at our luxury resort spa is a recommended one. Experience this kind of foot therapy that will certainly revitalize your feet. Our therapists are experienced, and will provide you with the most indulging foot treatment. With Reflexology, experience the wonder of an ancient healing therapy, and feel how your whole body is also rejuvenated.


Reflexology is the therapy of applying pressure to reflex points on the soles of your feet. The pressure will stimulate circulation. This foot therapy also relaxes your body and re-establish the flow of your energy, giving you an amazing energy booster. To complete the luxury treatment at our resort spa, you will also have your feet scrubbed and enjoy a warm organic sea salt bath with calming aromatic oils. This heavenly treatment will definitely leave an unforgettable memory of your Bali holiday.