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Hair Salon

The hair salon at our Ubud resort spa is a great place to have a quick refreshing moment to pamper your hair. Experience luxury treatments with the end result that will make you feel wonderful. We offer an array of treatments that will give your total body and mind relaxation. While having your treatment, embrace the lovely surrounding of our resort spa that will spoil your senses and bring you a nice feeling of happiness.

You may wish to have a hair treatment just to relax and feel the freshness. You may also need it to walk with a fabulous look for parties or other events you may wish to attend during your stay in Bali. The hair salon at our luxury resort spa provides you with the hair treatments that suit your needs. The only thing you should do is sit back. Let the professionals serve you with a high level of care and attention.

Hair Spa

Give yourself a little me-time at the hair salon of our luxury resort spa at serene Ubud. Experience our hair spa, a wonderful treatment known to be effective for your hair rebirth. It is perfect to strengthen your hair, and to make it look shiny.

This fantastic treatment is also good to solve problems like dandruff and damaged hair. It is also known for its benefit to control hair fall problem. VIEW DETAILS

Hair Mask

Pamper your hair with the hydrating hair mask treatment at the hair salon of our luxury resort spa. Exploring Bali during your holiday may cause your hair to look dull. Your precious hair needs to moisturized and hydrated. Just a short escape will bring back the shine and strength of your hair, boosting your good mood and feeling.

Sit back, relax, and just enjoy the luxury hair treatment that will make you feel refreshed. VIEW DETAILS

Hair Wash & Blow Dry

The hair salon at our luxury spa resort offers hair wash and blow dry treatment. This is the best solution for you to have a fabulous hair look whenever you need it. You may have to attend parties or invitation during your stay in Bali, or you just want to relax and pamper your hair with a refreshing hair wash.

You don’t have to look any further because you can just sit back, and let our hairdressers and their staff give a touch of beauty to your hair. VIEW DETAILS