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Lightness, is luxury scalp and hair care at our resort spa that uses an ancient massage technique from India. This 30-minute treatment is going to bring you to a wonderful world of relaxation in the area of the head, neck, and shoulder. You may not realize how your muscles have overworked. As you relax and enjoy the peaceful atmosphere of Ubud, you will feel that this Indian non-oil massage style slowly ease your knotted muscles. With this kind of luxury treatment, embrace the soothing strokes that will recharge your energy.

The massage on your scalp will leave you with the wonderful after feelings. It also promotes your hair growth, so it will be absolutely fantastic for you to have this luxury treatment more than once. Having this kind of scalp and hair care at our resort spa, you will feel that the clarity of your mind is also improved. Another benefit that you would love to see is how your face will look more radiant. Undoubtedly, this luxury treatment is one that shouldn’t be missed whenever you find yourself to be in Bali.