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Shining Glory

Give a special treatment for your scalp and hair with the treatment of Shining Glory at our luxury resort spa. The main ingredient used for this treatment is avocado. The avocados are grown in our estate in Ubud, and they are freshly picked for your luxury treatment. Avocados are chosen as the ingredient of your scalp and hair care as they are rich in vitamin B, E, and K. They also contain 15% of natural fat that will leave a shiny effect on your hair.

The 30-minute treatment at our luxury spa is perfect for hair after a long day under the sun. The avocados moisturize and nourish your scalp and hair, and they are specially formulated to treat sun-damaged, dry and frizzy hair. The refreshing avocado hair treatment is paired with scalp and neck massage. The massage is good for blood circulation, and it soothes neck stiffness. Feel the wonderful end result of shiny hair and fresh scalp.