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At the resort spa of Hanging Gardens of Bali, we offer various styles of massages to give you maximum benefits of wellness treatments. Surrounded by the tranquil nature of Ubud, our collection of body massage can surely help you to reduce stress and anxiety. Feel your energy boosted as the combination of massage techniques are applied to your body. You will realize that you can even sleep better. You will also feel that all your tiredness is gone because of the luxury massage treatment at our spa.

Wrapped in the peaceful paradise, you will get carried away by the massage that releases your tension. Your tired and overused muscles slowly get relaxed through the massage. The massage at our spa is also known to give benefits for your skin. The skin tone will be improved, leaving the radiant appearance that will amaze you. Your escape to our luxury spa is certainly worth every second.

Balinese Massage

Balinese massage at our luxury resort spa is a full-body wellness treatment for deep relaxation. Originated and developed in Bali, the massage is known to be holistic. It reaches your deep tissues that will bring a sense of wellbeing. Relax your body to experience gentle stretches to loosen tension. A combination of acupressure and reflexology are used to stimulate your blood and oxygen stimulation. You may have travelled a long way to reach Bali, or get exhausted after some days exploring the island. Bliss Massage is the right treatment for easing intense tiredness, muscular aches and fatigue. VIEW DETAILS

Bliss Massage

Bliss Massage at our luxury resort spa is an invigorating signature therapy. It is specially designed to address tight muscle groups. A combination of techniques are applied, making it a wonderful wellness treatment for you to enjoy. Deep tissue kneading, muscle manipulation and stretching techniques are among the techniques used during the treatment. Before long, you will feel your body tension and stress subside. VIEW DETAILS

Herbal Revival

Herbal Revival is a wellness treatment at our luxury resort spa that combines the use of natural healing herbs. Warm poultices with the healing herbs are used to create a refreshing massage. This kind of massage is a perfect option for you to enjoy massage with a unique experience. The therapeutic warm poultices will warm your muscles. They will further calm nerves and also soothe knotted muscles. VIEW DETAILS


Handed down through generations, traditional massage is a nice choice of wellness treatment to revitalize your body. Escaping to our luxury resort spa, you will feel so blessed to have your body pampered in the surrounding of Ubud natural beauty. The tranquility at our luxury resort is perfect for your retreat getaway. Our therapists know exactly what to do to make this wellness treatment a wonderful one. Palm pressures are combined with oil blends to give deep relaxation. VIEW DETAILS

Chi Rejuvenation

Chi Rejuvenation is one of the wellness treatments at our luxury spa to stimulate and revitalize the Chi energy flow in the body. This non-oil luxury treatment uses traditional Japanese bodywork. Kneading techniques are applied to your body to relax your muscles. The kneading techniques are combined with acupressure points along the meridian lines to improve your blood circulation. This will restore your body’s natural balance and wellbeing. VIEW DETAILS

Angel Bliss For The Young

At our luxury resort spa, 6 to 13-year olds are welcome. We invite your child to discover the world of wellbeing at the place surrounded by the remarkably peaceful surrounding of Ubud. Our skilled therapist will treat them gently. Your child will experience wellness treatment that are good for their health. A traditional sarong will be given to your child at the end of the treatment, a compliment of the Hanging Gardens of Bali. VIEW DETAILS