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Balinese massage at our luxury resort spa is a full-body wellness treatment for deep relaxation. Originated and developed in Bali, the massage is known to be holistic. It reaches your deep tissues that will bring a sense of wellbeing. Relax your body to experience gentle stretches to loosen tension. A combination of acupressure and reflexology are used to stimulate your blood and oxygen stimulation.


The peaceful surrounding at our Ubud resort is certainly perfect to enhance the quality of your wellness treatment. There is no disturbance, and the only thing you feel is how the energy around your body begins to boost. With the use of aromatherapy, your facial tension will slowly loose, leaving a wonderful feeling. Balinese massage is really good to reduce stress and rebalance your body. If you need a mood booster, having this massage at our luxury spa is the best thing to do.