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Bliss Massage

Bliss Massage at our luxury resort spa is an invigorating signature therapy. It is specially designed to address tight muscle groups. A combination of techniques are applied, making it a wonderful wellness treatment for you to enjoy. Deep tissue kneading, muscle manipulation and stretching techniques are among the techniques used during the treatment. Before long, you will feel your body tension and stress subside.


You may have travelled a long way to reach Bali, or get exhausted after some days exploring the island. Bliss Massage is the right treatment for easing intense tiredness, muscular aches and fatigue. Wrapped within the beauty of Ubud jungle, the ambience at our luxury resort spa makes it an excellent escaping destination. The place where you definitely want to be to experience an indulging wellness treatment. The tranquil surrounding also boosts the quality of your retreat, it never fails to give a piece of peaceful moment far away from the hectic world.