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Spa Manicure

During your stay in Bali, take a short me-time break, and enjoy the indulging spa manicure treatment at our Ubud luxury resort spa. Our professional nail therapists will provide you with impeccable nail care treatments that will improve the texture of your fingernails and your feeling of wellbeing too. Just sit back, relax, and embrace the soothing surrounding of our resort spa. Before long, you will feel refreshed and have your finger nails polished, making them look perfect.


Experience the enjoyable ritual of our indulging spa manicure treatment. You will begin with our luxurious scrub, followed by a hand massage to make you relax, and improve your blood circulation. The next treatment to enjoy is the hydrating mask, applied to restore your skin smoothness. You will finally have an attentive and professional manicure treatment for your fingernails. We use only world-class brands for this luxury manicure treatment, resulted in high-quality look of your nails.