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Riverside Bliss

Enjoy a series of 3-hour wellness treatments with our luxury Riverside Bliss. To begin with, you can choose between a 30-minute of fruit body scrub or a 30-minute body wrap. Tropical fruits are the main ingredients used for this treatment. Then get ready to experience a relaxing massage of 60 minutes, with coconut oil used to soothe away your tension. Next to the body massage is a choice of a 60-minute facial by Decléor. These heavenly treatments take place by the Ayung River of Ubud.

To complement your treatments, a healthy drink selection with healthy sandwich will be served for you. During lunch time, you will be served lunch where you can select a healthy lunch with a 3-course menu. We make your luxury spa even more special by serving champagne, delightful chocolate truffles and canapés. To create a more memorable experience, there is a photo session and tour around the resort, a compliment from Hanging Gardens of Bali.