Hanging Gardens Spa BlogGuests ExperiencesDare to create the most unforgettable wedding of your life?

Dare to create the most unforgettable wedding of your life?

by : Hanging Gardens of Bali | Date : May 10, 2016

Imagine telling your friends and family that you are planning to get married by the World’s Best Swimming pool? A pool in an amazing resort located right in the heart of the spectacular scenery of Bali?

Make an opportunity to experience luxury like no other and feel fantastic as you embark on a new life together. At Hanging Gardens of Bali, we love to create wedding packages that are filled with exotic luxury and unique experiences. Read on for our tips on how to create the perfect luxurious wedding day:

Take a Trip to Beautiful New Places

When choosing a wedding package with Hanging Gardens of Bali, you can be transported to the beautiful Payangan village, North of Ubud, Indonesia. Prolong your stay beyond the ceremony, so the wedding party can truly explore the culture rich lands of Bali. The friends and family you invite to your wedding will feel honoured at being asked to be part of such a special experience, making magnificent memories for years to come.

Exclusive to You 

Ensure your day is scared, and exclusive to those closest to you by choosing a highly private venue, rather than a public place used by many. Renting out a Hidden Palace is a great way to keep your wedding personal to only those who are invited. At Hanging Gardens of Bali, we have a range of bespoke wedding villas available to choose from, suitable for any sized wedding party, each offering breath-taking views of the jungle.

Have a Unique Feature Like No Other

Finding a special feature can take any wedding from normal, to extraordinary and there are many options available to achieve this wow factor. Hanging Gardens of Bali is proud host to the award winning ‘World’s best Swimming Pool’, which is available to any couple who plans a wedding package with us. The stunning infinity pool can provide the perfect dream-scape backdrop, surrounded by authentic nature and greenery from the Indonesian jungle. When getting married in front of this incredible setting, your vows will be complimented by the sound of cascading water and rustling wildlife of the natural surroundings.

There are many different options at Hanging Gardens of Bali available to couples who want to make their wedding day the perfect luxurious escape. Please get in touch via the website where we will be happy to show you how the award winning natural resort can help towards the happiest day of your life!


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