Hanging Gardens Spa BlogGuests ExperiencesAre you the lucky winner and ready to dip into paradise?

Are you the lucky winner and ready to dip into paradise?

by : Hanging Gardens of Bali | Date : June 6, 2016

In May, we were very excited to be part of the Mega Friday campaign by the National Lottery. As part of the huge prize draw that happens on the final Friday of every month, the British public are given the chance to receive a once in a lifetime experience to never forget, as well as £1million to enjoy once there!

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In previous months, lucky winners have been treated to a private island getaway in Australia, a private pool escape in the Maldives and a luxury chalet experience like no other. Past prize winners have had their lives turned upside down for the better, and we were honoured to have been given the chance to make another lucky persons dreams come true with the magic that awaits at our fairy tale resort, the Hanging Gardens of Bali.

National Lottery Hanging Gardens of Bali

The winner was announced on 27th May, and we can’t wait to welcome the fortunate guest for an incredible experience of unimaginable luxury. As part of a week-long visit to our beautiful home of Bali, the lucky person and their partner will spend a day with us, deep in the forest at Ubud, unwinding and relaxing with our Royal Spa Experience.

Can you image how great it would feel to have £1million to spend on your wildest dreams, followed by an experience fit for a King or a Queen? This regal day will include a flower petal massage, a tropical, fruit or aromatic bath, a facial and a refreshing body scrub. Following on from this spa spectacular, the body is treated from the inside with a 3 course lunch consisting of surprising local cuisine. Finally the winner can reflect upon their life changing experience whilst basking in the waters of the award winning infinity pool here at the Hanging Gardens of Bali, set amongst a dreamy landscape of natural jungle beauty.

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Although this competition is designed to provide an amazing treat for some very lucky people, at Hanging Gardens of Bali we believe that everyone is deserving of taking a dip into paradise every now and then! Every guest who ventures into our secluded domain is treated with the exclusivity that they deserve, so they can leave feeling refreshed and rejuvenated in their mind, body and soul.

Even if you were not one of the thousands of people to enter the Mega Friday competition by the National Lottery, we invite You to treat yourself to a small helping of paradise with us at Hanging Gardens of Bali.

We can’t wait to show you the unique experience that awaits you at our magical retreat.